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Company History

  • December, 1979
    NIK Int’l Trading Inc. founded
  • April, 1984
    Begin repair service with consumer electronics manufacturers
  • September, 1984
    Company name changed to OESS Corporation
  • January, 1985
    Begin maintenance service for industrial machinery related equipments
  • January, 1986
    Open Los Angeles office
  • March, 1988
    OESS GmbH founded in Germany
  • April, 1991
    Begin maintenance service for semiconductor manufacturing facility and equipment
  • May, 1993
    Open Silicon Valley office
  • April, 1995
    Begin assisting with sales of industrial facility
  • December, 2001
    OESS Corporation founded in Japan
  • June, 2002
    Begin selling Photomask manufacturing related facility
  • October, 2007
    Transfer U.S. head office
  • July, 2008
    20th anniversary for OESS GmbH
  • December, 2009
    30th anniversary for OESS Corporation
  • April, 2010
    Begin selling medical equipment
  • January, 2011
    OESS GmbH transferred from Dresden to Frankfurt
  • December, 2011
    10th anniversary for OESS Corporation Japan
  • October, 2012
    OESS Corporation USA transferred from New Jersey to New York

Original Equipment, Support & Service

OESS Corporation was established with the objective of providing maintenance and repair services for our clients that utilize general purpose industrial machines and semiconductor equipment which incorporate the latest electric and electronics technology.

We meet our client's needs through a worldwide network which has service centers strategically located in U.S.A., Germany and Japan.

Our factory trained technicians are thoroughly familiar with a wide range of electric and electronic equipment including, yet not limited to, industrial robots, vacuum devices,programmable controllers and semiconductor related equipments.
We invite you to call upon us to determine how we may satisfy your service and maintenance needs.

You will find us to be intelligent, thoughtful, responsive and courteous. Everything you could ask for in a business partner.

We have started marketing KANON brand (Nakamura Mfg.) products in North America.
Please visit the website. Thank you