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 Service & Products

OESS USA Corporation is a professional customer service and solution provider
for high technology equipment manufacturers for 30 years

   Service solutions we provide: 
     Customer support functions for your business in US
 24 x 7 Customer service reception
 Field service
 Installation support
 Preventive Maintenance
 Improvement product and service support system
 Local part Depot and logistics management
 Sales support
 and more
   Key Industries:
     Semiconductor manufacturing and R&D
 Automotive manufacturing
 Metal Fabrication
 In-circuit emulation tool
     Electron Beam Mask Writer  Inverter
     Ion Implanter  PLC
     CD-SEM  Lead Scanner
     APCVD  Dispenser
     Plasma Asher/Etcher  Surface Mounter
     IC Test Handler  Auto Loader system
     Wafer Prober  FA Control equipment
     Torque Tool  
     ICE Connector & Socket  
     Respiratory monitoring device for radiotherapy  
     Liquid leak detector